Where travel and fashion meet? Now that’s a happy place. Naturally, we’ll jump at any opportunity to revisit our favorite topics, so a breakdown of the best crossbody bags for travel is obviously a resounding “yes.”

There’s a subtle dividing line between the modern jet-setter and the weary traveler, one that is (mostly) determined by a precise combination of style and preparation. Anyone who has traveled knows that a good bag is the most important companion.

The right crossbody bag can free up your hands to carry the essentials when you’re going through airport security at 5 a.m. or when you’re traveling long distances on a sightseeing trip. Of course, you may also need to carry something for dinner or an impromptu date with someone with an unfamiliar accent (a girl can dream!). . The moral of the story is that you need a bag that can do it all – a bag that works for you in every way. So whether you’re jetting off on an international adventure or preparing for a summer vacation, shop ahead for 14 of the best crossbody bags for traveling.

Bottega Veneta The Cassette padded leather crossbody bag

If you prefer to buy designer products, that’s great. For travel-friendly options, look for styles that close securely and are suitable for daytime and evening wear.

Size: H: 6.5 inches; W: 3.5 inches; L: 10.5 inches

Material: Leather

Color: 19 options

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “This is a gorgeous bag, the leather is fantastic, but you have to pick and choose what you want to carry as there is very little room inside the bag. I can fit my iPhone Pro, small wallet, lip balm, and car keys …… That’s about it. But the look is worth it!”

Isabel Marant Wardy Camera Bag

As much as we love cameras, camera bags are usually ugly. You’re not paparazzi, and while you’re a traveler, you don’t want anyone to think you’re a tourist, right? This stylish piece from Isabel Marant is the solution.

Size: H: 5.25 inches; W: 3 inches; L: 7.25 inches

Materials: leather, silver, textile

Color: Black

Mansur Gavriel Moon Crossbody Bag

If style is your top priority, then this bag will go with almost anything you wear. You probably won’t be able to stuff a telescopic camera lens in it, though, but there’s plenty of room inside for airplane snacks.

Size: H: 5.5 inches; W: 7.1 inches; L: 10.6 inches

Material: calfskin

Color: Black, Desert, Avorio, Plum

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: “This bag is beautiful and versatile in both style and color. The size is surprisingly roomy. The leather is beautiful and very soft. I really enjoyed my purchase!”

Prada Padded Recycled Nylon Shoulder Bag

No crossbody bag would be complete without some form of nylon Prada. Similar to the practical Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon Bag, this quilted flap bag comes with a removable mini zipper pocket.

Dimensions: H: 17 cm; W: 24 cm; L: 8 cm

Material: Nylon Fabric

Colors: Black, Desert Beige

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “I have the original nylon bag and the Re-Edition bag and they are my go-to bags. Lightweight, durable and perfect for everyday use.”

Dagne Dover Nova Crossbody Bag

If you’re a sporty or adventurous traveler, allow us to introduce you to this style from Dagne Dover. We think you’ll be a perfect match.

Size: H: 12 inches; W: 4 inches; L: 9.5 inches

Material: REPREVE recycled polyester

Color: Onyx, Moonlight, Goji Berry

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “I recently took this bag on a week-long trip to Amsterdam …… It works great. It easily fit my small Nalgene water bottle, wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses – all the essentials. It’s not very big, but it can also hold small souvenirs bought during the day such as magnets, small jewelry, candy, etc. Highly recommended!”

MZ Wallace Small Sutton Deluxe

This perfectly sized Sutton is the latest hot seller. We’ve gone through countless pages of 5-star customer reviews trying to find any “flaws”, but to no avail. To no avail.

Dimensions: H: 10.2 inches; W: 9.8 inches; D: 5.5 inches

Material: REC Oxford, Italian leather

Colors: 17 to choose from

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: “Love the feel, look and style. This bag holds everything perfectly. All items are at a glance and very easy to access. Love it.”

WE-AR4 Cargo Leather Crossbody Bag

Cargo bags have been popping up over the past few months, which means organizing is becoming more and more popular. This split bag allows you to keep all your odds and ends in their proper place.

Size: H: 8.5 inches; L: 10.5 inches; D: 4 inches

Material: Calfskin

Colors: Black, Sage, Navy, Ice Blue

BAGGU Medium Nylon Crescent Bag

This BAGGU bag is actually a personal recommendation from Associate Fashion Business Editor Meg Donohue – despite all the glowing reviews that emphasize it. This bag is roomy, not bulky, and surprisingly cute.

Size: H: 8 inches; W: 13.75 inches; D: 4 inches

Material: Nylon

Colors: black, brown, cocoa, lemongrass, pixel plaid

Customer Review: “This bag is very cute and easy to carry. I am a busy mom and my bag is always dirty. This bag is very comfortable and easy to clean. The straps are wide and comfortable and the bag is big enough that I can even fit my Owala in it! If you’re on the fence, buy it. This bag is fantastic!”

sports suspenders

Béis knows travel. Perfect for busy hiking trips, this crossbody backpack complements Béis’ other luggage.

Dimensions: H: 8.2 inches; W: 6.7 inches; D: 2.7 inches

Materials: Nylon, faux leather, recycled polyester

Colors: black, gray-blue, beige, atlas pink, maple wood

Customer Reviews: “I love all the pockets and the carrier is very easy to reach! It’s so easy to get what you need out of the slots quickly. I can’t wait to use it while traveling in Italy!”

Travelon Anti-Theft Courier Tour Bag

As a traveler who always acts naive, this anti-theft bag could have saved me from some heartbreak (and a theft complaint I spent four hours filing with the Paris Police Department using Google Translate). The cut-resistant material, deep locking compartments, and RFID-protected pockets mean you can breathe a little easier knowing your belongings are safe.

Dimensions: Length: 11 inches; Height: 11.5 inches; Depth: 3 inches

Material: Cotton canvas, leather

Colors: navy, lime

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “I carried this bag all over the world for a month without a single sign of wear and tear …… It holds everything I need inside (wallet, rolled up raincoat, cell phone, passport, rolled up visor, etc.), and the zippered water bottle pocket holds a folded up water bottle that can be used when you’re not at the airport you can fill it with water.”

Tumi Valetta North and South Crossbody Bag

For those who never leave home without it, Tumi’s Vertical Crossbody will keep you safe and is finished with leather trim for a stylish touch. It has pockets for cash, cards and mini essentials.

Size: H: 7.3 inches; L: 5.3 inches, D: 2 inches

Material: Nylon, Leather

Color: Black

Mango Crossbody Bag

Exuding understated luxury, this bag from Mango is versatile enough to be used as an everyday bag or carried on the go. It’s sophisticated, minimalist and features dual compartments for added convenience.

Dimensions: Length: 10.2 inches; Height: 6.7 inches; Width: 3.5 inches

Material: Polyurethane, Polyester

Color: Black, Leather

Customer Reviews: “Faux leather is fantastic! It’s time we became conscious consumers. This wallet is perfect for pairing with my simple, classic closet pieces.”

Coach Coachtopia Loop Quilted Wave Tote Bag

An extension of the Coach brand, Coachtopia repurposes recycled and upcycled materials to create new designs, like this fluffy-soft crossbody laptop tote.

Size: Length: 16.75 inches; Height: 12.25 inches

Material: recycled polyester

Colors: Twilight, Deep Orange, Black, Olive Green

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “This tote bag is very cute and comfortable to carry on your shoulder. It can hold a lot of things …… Perfect for work or traveling.”

FashionPuzzle Triple Zipper Small Crossbody Bag

This crossbody bag has a 4.6 star rating out of nearly 30,000 reviews. The price is so affordable, you may want to choose from several colors to add to your collection.

Size: length: 8.5 inches; height: 5.5 inches; depth: 2.75 inches

Product Material: Faux Leather

Colors: 30 to choose from

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “I use it when I travel and it holds a lot of stuff without being bulky. I can put my passport, cell phone, sunglasses, lip balm, money/cards and still have tons of room.”