Raise your hand if you consider yourself a bag lady. (Hey, it’s us …… or maybe it’s you.) No one’s collection is truly complete without at least one of the best canvas handbags ever made. If you’re like us, that number is probably much higher.

If you ask us, the beauty of tote bags is their adaptability. “Totes are useful because they can hold everything-really, everything,” says Kym Maas, Lands’ End’s senior vice president of product and marketing, noting that totes are especially important for busy women. (Are there any other types of totes out there?) “The best way to tell if you have a good handbag is if you pick it up every time you leave the house. A good handbag makes your life easy and can hold anything you might need – and all the fun stuff you might not!”

Melissa Mash, co-founder and CEO of Dagne Dover, says, “A good tote bag needs to be able to hold a variety of different shapes, be easy to carry, and have some built-in functionality; it can’t just be a black hole bag.” Mash recommends purchasing a bag with features such as a key chain, water bottle compartment and card slots. We took all of these factors into consideration, along with price, size, and our own expertise, to come up with a list of the 15 best canvas totes worth buying right now.

Lands’ End 5 Pocket Open Canvas Tote Bag

One of this season’s most popular handbags, this customizable bag from Lands’ End is the perfect way to create your own on-trend look. You can go traditional and have your name embroidered or try something fun.

Dimensions: height: 17 inches; width: 22.5 inches; depth: 9.5 inches

Dagne Dover Pacific Organic Cotton Tote

As shopping writers, we’ve carried a variety of bags over the past few years. This Dagne Dover tote remains one of the most impressive. It comes in two sizes, has plenty of storage space, and a sleek look.

Dimensions: H: 11 inches; W: 14.25 inches; D: 5.5 inches

Mark & Graham Canvas Zipper Tote Bag

We don’t understand why all tote bags don’t have zippers. This tote is not only in line with current trends, but it’s also a great example of practicality. This should be your next work tote.

Dimensions: height: 18 inches; width: 18 inches; depth: 5.5 inches

FP Collection Caravan Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas doesn’t always have to be a creamy oatmeal color. This two-handled canvas is available in red, blue, cream, and black.

Dimensions: height: 15.7 inches; width: 14.2 inches; depth: 5.9 inches

Cuyana Canvas Tote Bag

Perfect for city strolls or beach vacations, this spacious capacity bag features soft leather handles, a lace-up closure to keep items secure, and three interior pockets for easy organization.

Dimensions: H: 14.5 inches; W: 24 inches; D: 6.5 inches

Mansur Gavriel Everyday Casual Wear

This tote bag is exactly to our liking – comfortable and versatile.

Dimensions: H: 3.4 inches; W: 14 inches; D: 6.7 inches

One DNA Women’s Power Pattern Canvas Tote Bag

Yes, we do.

Dimensions: height: 15 inches; width: 14 inches; depth: 5.5 inches

CVNDKN Canvas Tote Bag, 2 pieces

Need to buy a new shopping tote for shopping on the go? You can get two for the price of one on Amazon.

Dimensions: height: 15.7 inches; width: 15.7 inches; depth: 4.7 inches

BDG Patterned Mini Canvas Tote Bag

Take your standard handbag and shrink it down a bit. This sweet patterned style is perfect for use as a purse this summer.

Size: N/A

BÉIS Travel from North to South Tote Bag

It’s made from recycled water bottles and comes with a laptop sleeve, key strap and luggage cart access. Oh, and a removable shoulder strap. What more could you need?

Dimensions: height: 15.1 inches; width: 13.3 inches; depth: 4.7 inches

Givenchy Large Voyou Canvas East/West Tote Bag

It’s so refreshing that the designer chose a truly timeless style.

Size: H: 15 inches; W: 17 inches; D: 5 inches

Ganni Shopping Bag XXL

This Ganni product is not only very cool, but it also carries an important message. Plus, it’s made from sustainable materials.

Dimensions: H: 13 inches; W: 16.75 inches; D: 7.5 inches

Isabel Marant Toledo leather trimmed embroidered canvas tote bag

This is a further interpretation of the much-loved classic canvas.

Size: H: 10.6 inches; W: 15 inches; D: 4.3 inches

Aritiza Large Tote Bag

Towels, sunscreen, speakers and drinks? Thank goodness you have this cute beach bag to hold it all.

Dimensions: height: 10.6 inches; width: 16 inches; depth: 5 inches

Brooklinen Handbag

This is more than just a tote bag; it’s a signal to the rest of the Brooklinen Club-people who know that quality linens are key.

Size: H: 17 inches; W: 15 inches; D: 5 inches