As you all know, I am a fan of leather backpacks. For that matter, I love backpacks made of any material, but leather backpacks are the most versatile. Dress casual, dress up, use it as a carry-on bag, or use it as a work bag. The right one can do it all. I’ll never forget when I was traveling solo through Ireland and one of the straps on my trusty leather backpack broke. Suffice it to say, I’ve become much more picky about quality since then. Now, I’m here to share some of my best shopping choices

In my research, stylist Catherine Bibeau lent her expertise. She agrees that leather backpacks are “perfect for carrying essentials on the go, while easily elevating any outfit with their chic and versatile appeal.” When you’re shopping, however, Bibeau emphasizes that leather quality is crucial. Durable leather lasts longer and maintains its luxurious look. “Gucci, Louis Vuitton and MCM are all classic, iconic brands known for their exceptional quality and chic style,” she says. “They have timeless designs that blend classic elegance with modern aesthetics, ensuring that they remain stylish for years to come.” As you may have guessed, you can expect to see all three of these brands up front.

If you’re a big fan of backpacks, you’ll understand all the appeal. But if you’re unfamiliar with posture-friendly styles, prepare to be delighted. “Leather backpacks go with anything, and that’s what’s so wonderful about them,” Bibeau says. “You can pair them with sportswear for a casual vibe, or with a blazer or dress for a more polished look. The versatility of a leather backpack makes it a go-to accessory for any occasion.” Without further ado, here are 15 great options to add to your closet now.

Gucci Jumbo GG Backpack

For those buyers who don’t like fiddling with pouches, this is a true canvas backpack that can actually hold all your belongings.

Color: black, dark green, blue

Materials: leather, cotton and linen

Size: Length: 13.4 inches; Depth: 4.7 inches; Height: 16.2 inches

MZ Wallace Crosby Audrey Backpack

It’s no secret that everyone loves the MZ Wallace. I use one of the brand’s backpacks on a regular basis. Not this one, but it’s probably next on my list.

Colors: Black, Black/Camel, Dawn

Material: Leather

Size: Length: 11.42 inches; Depth: 3.15 inches; Height: 13.39 inches

Overland Florence Leather Backpack Wallet

Personally, I love a simple black backpack to use as a purse. This product from Overland is of great quality without being too expensive.

Color: Black

Material: Leather, Nylon

Size: Length: 12 inches; Depth: 4 inches; Height: 14 inches

Bottega Veneta Large Andiamo Backpack

Bottega’s Andiamo bag took the fashion world by storm last year, and the brand recently launched a backpack version. Perfect timing if you ask me.

Color: Natural/Light Wood

Materials: leather, cotton, linen, polyurethane

Size: Length: 18.9 inches; Depth: 7.9 inches; Height: 15.7 inches

Marcel Pata Backpack

Sometimes the men’s section is where you can really score well. Men’s styles may be larger and more practical-especially with items like backpacks.


Material: Leather

Size:Length: 15 inches; Depth: 5.5 inches; Height: 17 inches

Louis Vuitton Old Black Leather Lock Me Backpack

Not only is it incredibly stylish and timelessly versatile, but you’re also promoting a circular economy when you purchase this Louis Vuitton option.

Color: Black

Material: Leather

Size: Length: 8.5 inches; Depth: 4.5 inches; Height: 10 inches

MCM Travia Backpack

This bag is undoubtedly luxurious without looking too obvious. Plus, duffle bags are still popular.

Color: Black

Material: leather, microsuede

Size: Length: 8.5 inches; Depth: 4.1 inches; Height: 9.8 inches

Mansur Gavriel Classic Backpack

Luxurious, stylish, and it holds my huge laptop. I’m sold.

Color: Cognac/Avion, Black/Flamma

Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather

Size: Length: 9.8 inches; Depth: 6.3 inches; Height: 14.2 inches

Telena Leather Crossbody Bag Backpack

If you don’t need to carry a laptop or any other large items, this everyday shoulder bag is perfect and affordable.

Color: 36 choices

Product Material: faux leather

Size: length: 6.69 inches; depth: 3.34 inches; height: 10.23 inches

Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Backpack

Matching your lipstick to your designer backpack? It’s a power move.


Material: leather, cotton

Size: Length: 7 inches; Depth: 2.75 inches; Height: 8.25 inches

Khaite Medium Greta Leather Backpack

Everything Khaite touches becomes chic, including this gorgeous shoulder bag.

Color: Black

Material: Leather

Senrev Mistry Maestra

Senreve is the go-to brand for working women, and rightfully so. You can wear this style as a backpack, crossbody, satchel or tote. Now that’s value for money for you.

Colors: Chestnut, Black, Cream, Forest, Ocean

Material: leather, microsuede

Size: Length: 13.25 inches; Depth: 5.91 inches; Height: 8.75 inches

Coach Riya Backpack 21

When is a Coach bag not a good choice? A: Never.

Colors: chalk, gray-blue/silver, signature jacquard, black, denim

Materials: leather, fabric

Size: Length: 8.5 inches; Depth: 4.7 inches; Height: 9 inches

Chanel Old Quilted Leather Classic Backpack Mini

Metallic bags are having a moment, so if ever there was a time to trigger shopping, it’s now.

Color: Metallic Gold

Material: Leather

Size: Length: 6.5 inches; Depth: 3 inches; Height: 6.75 inches

Fla Flow

I love this Furla bag, a blend of gray and nude, it’s the perfect neutral when you want to get away from basic black.

Color: Grey

Material: Leather, Polyester

Size: Length: 7.87 inches; Depth: 5.91 inches; Height: 9.84 inches