I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I wear black boots in the winter and white leather sneakers the rest of the year. They’re stylish, functional and, when used properly, comfortable. Over the years, I’ve tried at least seven different versions, from the classic Nike Air Force 1 to the stylish Instagram brand and everything in between. As far as I’m concerned, I’m an expert on the subject, so I’m fully qualified to guide you through the best of it.

However, if you’re not convinced, I’ve also consulted two official experts. Maud Barrionuevo is Director of Purchasing at 24s and Brigitte Chartrand is Vice President of Purchasing for SSENSE Womenswear and “Everything Else”. Both women separately told me that the biggest appeal of white leather sneakers is the versatility they offer. (I would have said the same thing, FWIW ……)

“White sneakers can be worn with almost any outfit, from jeans and a T-shirt to a silk skirt and cashmere sweater or a tailored suit,” Barrionuevo says. “When properly cared for, they have the ability to create such a clean, pure look from the foot. They are the perfect easy styling tool.” She suggests prioritizing quality materials and construction, and avoiding trends or flashy styles that might make you tire of them after a season or two.

Of course, it goes without saying that cleanliness is an issue with any white item (especially shoes). Keep that in mind for each item on this list. I will point out, however, that leather is usually easier to clean than canvas or other fabrics. Barrionuevo says Golden Goose sneakers are lower maintenance and easier to care for.

As far as Shatron is concerned, she’s not necessarily bothered by a little dirt. “There’s something fascinating about the aging process,” she says. “The fact that wear and tear tells a story and signals memories of the past. Yield to it! It can be done, Captain. So I present to you 10 of the best white leather sneakers to wear on repeat forever.

Tory Burch Clover Court Sneakers

Remember when the world couldn’t get enough of Tory Burch sandals? That’s how I feel about these.

Colors: pristine/perfect black, titanium white, pristine/shell pink

Size: 4-13

Customer Review: “I can wear them all day with different outfits and they are very comfortable and pretty.”

Koio Garda One-Step Shoes

They’re not for everyone, but I’m one of those people that loves slip-ons.

Colors: antique white, panther

Size: 5-11

Customer Reviews: “Must have them. I thought I had reached the epitome of comfort …… but Garda took it to the level of comfort. Please don’t get me started on Galda’s good looks.”

Cariuma OCA High Top

Don’t worry, high-top lovers; I’ll never leave you out. The Cariuma is the obvious choice in this category.

Color: off-white

Size: 5-13

Customer Reviews: “Love them. Best shoes for my feet.”

Reebok Club C Extra

This is my personal favorite so far. As mentioned, I’ve tried many different versions. I’m enamored with their laid back and pleasing look as well as their comfort. I can walk all day in them even without orthotics.

Colors: light purple, chalk/glenn green, chalk/gray-blue, white/solid gray, white/vector blue

Sizing: 5-11

Customer Review: “These shoes are very comfortable and exactly what I wanted and imagined. If you’re on the fence, grab them! So cute and comfy. Didn’t give me any blisters. The sizing is accurate! They are perfect.”

Lululemon Cityverse Sneakers

Of course, Lululemon is known for its athletic apparel, so it makes sense that the brand would venture into sneakers as well.

Colors: White, Primrose Flax, Juicy Peach, Early Pink, Jade Whisper

Size: 5-12

Customer Review: “The size fits. I ordered all my lulu shoes online and they all fit perfectly. I just went on a trip and walked for hours in these shoes and they were so comfortable my back and feet were not sore. Love!”

Frankie4 Riley White, fall.

This is the next sneaker I plan to test, but I’m pretty confident I’ll like them. I have a pair of Frankie4’s thin heeled boots and wear them regularly. If these are half as comfortable, I’ll be ecstatic.

Colors: white, black, silver

Size: 6-13

Customer Review: “I have wide feet and bunions, so it’s hard for me to find work shoes that fit me for standing and walking all day. The moment I put on my Riley’s, they fit like a glove and my feet no longer hurt at the end of the day. They look beautiful with pants or skirts and are very high quality. Best investment ever.”

Veja V-12 Sneakers

Editors and Meghan Markle love Veja, so why wouldn’t you? Both Barrionuevo and Chartrand tell me that the brand has been a bestseller.

Colors: 8 options

Sizes: 4-13

Customer Reviews: “I don’t usually spend this much on sneakers, but I jumped at the chance and wow, they are lightweight and flexible, but sturdy, made of quality materials, and very cute and comfortable! I have a slightly wider toe area and was worried about the fit, but they are roomy enough to wear with thicker socks. I’m very picky about my shoes and am very happy with these. Totally affordable for the price point.”

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Time Off Thick Sole One-Step Fashion Sneakers

If you know me, you know that I am in favor of orthotics. Therefore, Dr. Scholl’s adoption of the plain white platform is a huge win in my book.

Colors: 18 options

Sizing: 4-13

Customer Reviews: “These shoes are very comfortable. It’s like walking on clouds. Shoes are quiet when walking. The sizing is accurate and they look lovely.”

SERNIAL white tennis shoes PU leather sneakers

Especially if you know you’re going to wear them out and potentially ruin them, then an affordable pair is the way to go.

Color: White

Size: 5-11

Customer Review: “These shoes are very comfortable. It’s like walking on clouds. The shoes are quiet when walking. The sizing is accurate and they look lovely.”

Loewe Low Top Sneakers

If you’re worried that your tennis shoes will look too sloppy, designer brand shoes like these Loewe shoes are your ultimate choice.

Color: off-white

Size: 35-41

Customer Reviews: “Simple but elegant style”